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Why Choose Sparkleen?

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Sparkleen’s soft washing utilizes professional grade equipment and eco-friendly detergents, ensuring a gentle yet highly effective cleaning process that is pet-friendly and poses no harm to your beloved animals or plants. Our method kills unhealthy mold, algae and moss.  It also removes dirt and other stains leaving the surface of your property looking like new.

Customized Care

Sparkleen understands that different surfaces require specific care. Our trained professionals assess your property and customize the soft washing approach accordingly. This personalized attention ensures optimal results.

Expert Equipment

Sparkleen’s professional soft washing equipment is designed to provide consistent and streak-free results. DIY power washing machines, often rented from hardware stores, may lack the power and precision needed, leading to uneven cleaning and streaky surfaces.

Licensed & Insured

Sparkleen is a fully insured company, providing an additional layer of protection for both residential and commercial clients. Unlike DIY endeavors, where property damage liability falls on the individual, our comprehensive insurance coverage ensures peace of mind throughout the cleaning process.

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We proudly serve Louisville, Kentucky and areas within an hour of Jefferson county.

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